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UX Research | Wireframes | Test | Prototype (UI Design, Design System, Visual & Interaction Design).

Project Background

BigBank is a small bank in Israel, which offers an online services of day-to-day actions in the bank, such as transfer money, check transaction history and order a credit card.

My Role

Product & UI/UX Designer - UX research, paper & digital wireframes, low-fidelity prototype, test low-fidelity prototype, high-fidelity prototype and test again.

The Problem

BigBank’s clients are struggling getting to the bank and manage things like credit cards or their own account. It takes time and frustrations to do so - nothing is online yet.

The Solution

Create a fully responsive website for BigBank’s clients. The user will login and begin manage his account by his own. He also has a live support with a banker if needed.

BigBank - Design Process

Design Process

Empathize - Define - Ideate - Test - Prototype - Test

BigBank - Responsive website design


Research Questions
"Do you use an app to manage your bank account?"
"What action do you perform the most in your bank app?"
"In which way do you login to your bank app?"

BigBank - User testing illustration

Research Findings

I conducted a quantitative research based on questionnaire I created about the experience with an online bank account management. I found out that almost every bank uses online services to provide fast and useful solutions to their clients. Also, people who has a full control of their online account are happier customers and secured. Although, a bank has a lot of features and options to manage, so I picked the most relevant and used day-to-day actions people do in their account.

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Bank customers don’t have time to go to the bank in the middle of the day to manage things.

BigBank - Support Icon


Online bank account requires an online banker in order to complete tasks which the customer is not able to, like order credit cards or cancel one. Bank customers don’t have time to go to the bank in the middle of the day to manage things.

BigBank - Control Icon

Full Control

Customers these days want full control over their online bank account, to feel more secure.Bank customers don’t have time to go to the bank in the middle of the day to manage things.

User Persona

David is a car mechanic living in Israel and is single. He’s saving money in his bank account but he’s frustrated from going to the bank and wait for the line or call the banker to manage things in his account. David needs a platform in which he can manage his account by himself. Based on the research, I created a user persona which represents a potential user who needs a solution for this problem he's currently facing.

BigBank - User persona

User Story

BigBank - Responsive website design - User story

User Journey Map

User journey map helps us understand what is the path the user takes in order to complete a task. Also, user journey map allows us to see the flow from the user's eye and find the easiest solution for him. The goal for this user journey map is to manage a personal online bank account through a responsive website.

BigBank - User journey map


Problem Statement

BigBank - Problem Statement
BigBank - Mobile app design


Paper & Digital Wireframes (Low-Fidelity Prototype)
I sketched these paper wireframes to find the best structure for the solution I am looking for. I came up with four different options and based my design on them. Moving from paper wireframes to digital ones made it easy to understand if I addressed the user’s pain points and improve the experience. I prioritized a call-to-action button to manage cards and see recent transactions right at the home page.

Paper Wireframes

BigBank - Paper wireframes

Digital Wireframes (Low-Fidelity Prototype)

BigBank - Low-Fidelity Prototype


Unmoderated Usability Study

Study Overview

Study type: Unmoderated usability study.
Location: Israel, remote.
Participants: 3 men, 2 women.
Length: 15 minutes each.

BigBank - User testing illustration

Study Findings

BigBank - Navigation Icon

The navigation was really intuitive and good for the user.

BigBank - Security Icon

Users felt insecure when they saw “Recover Password” button so easy to reach.

BigBank - Chat Icon

The live chat was not intuitive and some users couldn’t find it.


High-Fidelity Prototype | UI Design | Visual Design | Interaction Design

BigBank - Responsive website designBigBank - Mobile app designBigBank - Design SystemBigBank - High-Fidelity Prototype