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Project Overview

Background | My Role


Cryptoverse is a new platform for those who still have questions about the Cryptocurrency world. As a user you can take different types of courses about the whole Crypto world. Although today people are more likely to invest their money, most of the people don't even know what Crypto means. This is where Cryptoverse comes to organize everything - in one platform.

My Role

Product & UI/UX designer.

UX Research, Ideate phase (Paper & Digital Wireframes), Test low-fidelity prototype with real users and finally - High-Fidelity prototype.

The Beginning

Problem & Solution


Most american people don't have enough knowledge about the Cryptocurrency world but do want to learn how to invest and use it because they know people are making money out of it.


Design a complete platform which the user can take courses online about cryptocurrency and have a professional guider beside him.

Cryptoverse - Problem statement illustration
Cryptoverse - Digital product design - E-learning UI UX dashboard

Design Process

Empathize | Define | Ideate | Test | Prototype

Cryptoverse - EmpathizeCryptoverse - DefineCryptoverse - IdeateCryptoverse - Test iconCryptoverse - Prototype icon


User Research | Persona | User Story | User Journey Map

Research Illustration

Research Questions

24 men and women answered these questions:
1. How much time do you have to spend on studying?

2. Are you invested in the stock market?

3. Are you invested in the Cryptocurrency market?

4. What would make you avoid investing in Crypto?

5. Would you use a platform which teaches you how to invest properly in Cryptocurrency?

6. Were you willing to pay for this kind of service?

Research Findings

Cryptoverse - 50%

50% Men, 50% Women

Cryptoverse - 18-45

Ages 18-45

Cryptoverse - 40%

Have 6+ hours a week for studying & invested in the Crypto market

Cryptoverse - 32%

Have 1-2 hours a week of studying

Cryptoverse - 36%

Are invested in the stock market

Cryptoverse - 25%

Are willing to pay for this platform

User Persona

I created a user persona based on the research findings and a short secondary research. I found out that people have frustrations about reliability and lack of awarness, especially from people who are related to finance.

Cryptoverse - Persona Illustration
Cryptoverse - Persona

User Story

Based on the Josh's persona I created a user story which focused me on the problem.

Cryptoverse - User Story
Cryptoverse - User Story Illustration

User Journey Map

I created a user journey map in order to understand the experience better from the user's prespective. This map represent the steps a user take to complete the task.

Cryptoverse - User Journey MapProduct Mockup


Problem Statement

Cryptoverse - Problem statement


Crazy Eights | Paper Wireframes | Digital Wireframes

Paper Wireframes

Building the structure of the product is basically the job of paper wireframes. I came up with some ideas and skecthed it with a pencil and a paper and then turned it into digital wireframes, ready for a usability study.

Cryptoverse - Paper Wireframes

Digital Wireframes (Low-Fidelity Prototype)

This low-fidelity prototype represents the main user flow around the app. I made sure to stick to the user pain points and needs while designing this flow. Digital wireframes help a designer make right decisions about the final product with a usabiltiy study, which is the next chapter of the project.

Low-Fidelity Prototype


Unmoderated usability study

Usability Study Overview

I conducted one round of unmoderated usability study, in order to check the main user flow in the product. I defined some core tasks and tested it with real potential users.

Cryptoverse - User Story Illustration

Study Details

Study Questions | Participants | Methodologies


1. How easy is for the user to find the course he is currently learning in the product?

2. What does the user feel while learning a course?

3. How long does it take the user to manage his payments?

4. How long does it take the user to manage his subscriptions?


2 Males
3 Females
21-38 Years old


1. Unmoderates usability study.

2. Users were asked to perform tasks in a low-fidelity prototype.

3. 15 minutes per participant, in USA, remote.

Cryptoverse - Digital product design - E-learning UI UX dashboard

Patterns Identification


Found the course they are currently learning easily.


Wanted to see the full courses list that the product offers.


Understood how to manage payment methods by themselves.


Understood how to change and cancel subscription.

Insights Identification


Based on the theme that some users wanted to see full courses list the product offers, an insights is I should create another page for full courses list.


Based on the theme that most users found the course they are currently learning, an insight is that I should keep focus on improving the experience of this page.


Based on the theme that some users couldn't manage their payment methods by themselves, an insight is that I should add a small explenation in this page.


UI Design | Interaction Design | Visual Design | Design System | High-Fidelity Prototype

Cryptoverse - Digital product design - E-learning UI UX dashboardCryptoverse - Design SystemCryptoverse - High-Fidelity Prototype