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Reserach and design for a booking app for Unique restaurant.

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Project Overview

Unique restaurant is a fine restaurant in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The restaurant is most of the time full of clients and have a diverse type of food from around the world. The restaurant offers a top-level service, calm vibe and recommended by clients to families and couples.

Project Overview
The Problem

The Problem

Couples and families need to book a reservation to Unique restaurant quickly and smoothly customized. The clients and the restaurant are tired of book reservations by phone..

The Solution

Design an app for Unique restaurant which allows the user to easily book a customized reservation to the restaurant.

The Solution

Design Process

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Unique Restaurant - Mobile app design


User Research | Personas | User Stories | User Journey Maps


Quantitative Research

I conducted a quantitative research using a questionnaire which determine people's preferences in restaurants and the experience of booking a reservation to a restaurant. I learned about the pros and cons of booking a reservation and found the main problem people experience.

Research Questions

How often do you visit restaurants?

Usually, how long in advance do you book a reservation in a restaurant?

What are the test you perform before booking a reservation in a restaurant?

Describe your seating preferences in a restaurant and why?

Research Findings


50% visit restaurants once in two-three weeks.

80% book the reservation at least a week in advance.


65% said they want to choose the seating by themselves.

95% checking restaurant's reviews before booking.

User Persona

Unique Restaurant - User persona

User Story

Unique Restaurant - User story

User Journey Map

I created a user journey map in order to understand the experience better from the user's prespective. This map represent the steps a user take to complete the task.

User Journey Map


After I empathized with the user, I can now define a Problem Statement, which helps me focus on the main problem and solve it.

Unique Restaurant - Problem StatementUnique Restaurant App Mockup


Crazy Eights | Paper Wireframes | Digital Wireframes

Paper Wireframes

Come up with ideas using paper wireframes makes it easier to find out new solutions and explore features in the desired app. Deliver it to digital wireframes would be suited to address user pain points. In home screen I prioritized a quick reservation booking process.

Unique Restaurant - Paper Wireframes

Digital Wireframes (Low-Fidelity Prototype)

I made sure that the creation of these digital wireframes were according to the findings and user’s pain points. These digital wireframes has changed more than once until the final product. The key was to let the user decide the best time for him, check availability and even choose his own seating preferences. This prototype is showing the process of booking a reservation to Unique restaurant. This flow can be used for a usability study with users.

Low-Fidelity Prototype


Unmoderated Usability Study

Usability Study Overview

I conducted two rounds of unmoderated usability study. One for the low-fidelity prototype, so we can have a guide for the mockups. The second one was on the high-fidelity prototype and revealed what aspects of the mockups needed to improve.

Usability Study

Study Details

Patterns Identification


3 out of 5 struggled to navigate the app easily and smoothly.


3 out of 5 said that date and time should always be toggled in order to make changes when needed.


2 out of 5 could not get to the home page and complete the task.

Insights Identification


Based on the theme that most users struggled to navigate the app easily and smoothly, an insight is users need to have a smooth navigation to all the pages of the prototype from anywhere.


Based on the theme that most users had dificulties with assigning date and time of the booking, an insight is users need to have the best way to toggle between date and time and to rewrite it if needed.


Based on the theme that most users get too confused when it comes to understand where the information is at many occasions, an insight is users should have the information they need prioritized and organized as well as the navigation.


High-Fidelity | UI Design | Interaction Design

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