Hi-tech companies - long time without matching candidates? Look in the mirror!

High-tech manager is looking at himself in the mirror

As a professional digital product designer with experience applying for roles in the industry, I have observed a concerning trend in the hiring process for companies. All too often, I see organizations struggling to fill open positions, with some positions remaining open for months or even a year. This extended process is not only frustrating for the company, but it also means missed opportunities for candidates like myself, who may have started internships or begun working at other companies in the meantime.

There are three main factors that I believe contribute to the prolonged hiring process. The first is an overly strict definition of job requirements. Companies often seek a very specific type of employee, with a specific skillset and experience. This stringent approach can filter out a vast majority of potential candidates, limiting the pool of available talent.

The second factor is persistence. I've seen companies maintain the same job description and requirements for a prolonged period without any changes, even when they struggle to find a suitable match. This lack of adaptability only exacerbates the issue.

Finally, indecision plays a significant role in the prolonged hiring process. I've been in the position where I've made it to the final interview stage, only to be told that the company has decided to pursue other candidates. This indecision is confusing and disheartening, and it only prolongs the hiring process for the company.

In conclusion, I recognize the value of the job search process and see it as a learning experience. However, I also believe that companies have a responsibility to reassess their recruitment methods and processes to make the process smoother, more efficient and less disheartening for candidates. It's important for companies to step back and look in the mirror when they are struggling to find a suitable match, rather than prolonging the hiring process.