UX Design

The importance of UX and communicating this importance to customers

A UX designer is explaining UI UX services

Let's be honest, being a UX designer cannot be learned on one leg. Either you have a lot of experience in the field or you have learned a lot for it. This is because it is a complex field that requires a lot of attention, thinking and planning. Today I want to talk specifically about the customer side - most of my customers did not understand the importance of UX design at all. Very few of them came from the field and really directed their attention and time to understand the UX of their digital product. In most of my career, I found myself explaining UX to customers in simple terms. How did I do it?

1. UX design saves a lot of resources and time for the product's development process. If I am dealing with a customer who comes to me without an existing product, I explain to him that a proper and fundamental prior planning can prevent future product issues, create a clear and stable structure and actually prepare the stakeholders for the product's first launch. Of course, even an MVP product is not perfect, but when it is well-built and planned - the outcome will be much better.

2. Not only UX, but also UI design has something to explain. It is true that the UI principles are easier to understand because they are based on technical sense and visual attraction. My clients usually understand what UI design is and certainly recognize its importance, but when I approach UI design, I also build a design system - which takes more time and generally more money. It is important to explain to the client the significance of the design system as follows: what will happen when a new or additional designer comes to work on the product? The product's design system has been established for this reason, it contains all the product components so that they don't have to be created again!

3. Presenting evidence for our claims in comparison to other projects. Assuming this is not your first UX design project, it is entirely possible and advisable to show a similar process from a previous project. This way, the customer sees that you have not found the process and techniques used in this project randomly, but that you have experience and a proven track record.

4. To present evidence for our claims against other projects. Assuming that this is not your first project, it is completely possible and also desirable to show a similar process from an older project. This way, the client sees that you did not invent a process and price it arbitrarily, but rather it is a known and common process for digital products with similar characteristics and designs. If this is indeed their first project, they can take examples from successful and well-known companies, such as Airbnb, Fiverr, Amazon, etc.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to be transparent with the client regarding the process, be patient, listen, and respond to questions. Despite our understanding of the field as UX designers, there is still much to explain to outside people in the field. If there are still questions, I will always be happy to answer in private. Good luck with your future projects!