Just Another Designer?
Think again.

I am a highly skilled and experienced Digital Product Designer, UI UX Designer and Responsive Web Designer. I am excited to share my portfolio of projects with you guys! 🎨

I began my journey in 2012, where I taught myself the fundamentals of graphic design. It wasn't long before I started offering my services to clients and honing my skills. In 2015, I landed my first UI UX design project (www.medonline.co.il), which took almost 2 years to complete. This project solidified my passion for UI UX and digital product design and I have since dedicated my career to these fields. I pride myself on staying current with the latest software and technologies to deliver the best possible products for my clients.

Cryptoverse - Digital product design - E-learning UI UX dashboard

When I take on a new project, the first step I take is conducting user research to empathize with my target audience. This can include various research methods such as interviews, surveys, user testing, and competitor analysis. From there, I identify pain points and create a problem statement. Utilizing this research and problem statement, I brainstorm solutions and start sketching wireframes.

BigBank - Mobile app design

Next, I move on to creating a low-fidelity mockup using tools like Adobe XD or Figma. I also create user flow diagrams and site maps to map out the user journey and navigation of the product. I then conduct a usability study with real users to gather feedback and validate the design.

Unique Restaurant - Mobile app design

The data gathered from this study is analyzed to identify patterns and themes, and I use that information to iterate on the design. Once I created the low-fidelity prototype, I bring it to life with the use of color, typography, images, gestalt principles, iconography and other visual elements, with a little help of my friends, Photoshop and Illustrator, to create a high-fidelity prototype and a design system. I also create style guides and design patterns that will be used throughout the product to ensure consistency.

Stylish - Responsive web and mobile design

In the final stages, I test the high-fidelity prototype with users again and do final revisions. I also work closely with developers to ensure the design is implemented correctly. Once the product is live, I conduct post-launch user research to measure the success of the design and gather feedback for future improvements.

ShippingToGo - Responsive website design

Throughout the process, I also make sure to keep clients informed and updated on the progress of the project and gather feedback and approval at key stages. I am always eager to take on new projects and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you for your time.
Can't wait to start my next project! 👋